Infrastructure Certificate for the Zone: factoryfouroh

After we installed and configured the infrastructure for your business, we perform the following tests to certify all required, and nearly all recommended, security features are functional. To illustrate we are going to certify one of our own main domains, used to introduce sponsors and participants to the Factory 4.0 Open Initiative.

DNS Service

Please visit Hacker Target and enter your full domain name. For an example please enter "". To test your own domain enter "". Please note that YOURDOMAIN does not actually exist on our DNS servers, you need to substitute YOURDOMAIN with the domain name we have provided you.

The DNSSEC chain certificates may be validated by visiting VERISIGN.
. . .
These validations going to verify that the details of your infrastructure (keys, host names, certificates) are not exposed on the internet, the domain cannot be updated by anyone but Factory 4.0 Open Initiative, LLC, and each transaction to and from the server is authentic. The result for the domain is here: Hacker Target Report, and here Chain Certificate

Web Service

Please visit Qualys SSL Labs to test the same way as you did for the DNS service. For your reference the test result for is here: Qualys SSL Report


Please visit MXToolBox where you can make an exhaustive verification of DNS, web and email services. The result for is here: MXToolBox Full Report


A directory server is not yet implemented for use by our sponsors and participants. Before we are able to provide you with a directory service it is recommended to have a 10-minutes discussion about the desired compatibility level with Windows Active Directory, and the root of your own directory. If you do not have any preference Factory 4.0 Open Initiative, LLC is going to provide you with the root of dc=factoryfouroh, ou=work, ou=yoursubdomain. As an alternative we may offer the more conventional dc=factoryfouroh, dc=work, ou=yoursubdomain.


Factory 4.0 Open Initiative, LLC is not an enterprise-level expert provider of DNS, web, email and directory services. What we offer works well, and to keep our offers affordable we avoid customization or expansion. For any business with less than 25 employees and concurrent connections what we offer is plentiful. For any business over 75 concurrent connections we are going to recommend an enterprise-level service provider.

Please note: introducing an entirely new infrastructure on the internet, and become trusted by other DNS, email, web and other services takes time and a good track record. The following is an example of why new e-mail accounts you have received from us might not be sending and receiving as expected. This email was moved to spam folder by Google. When you inspect the details you see that Google recognized the e-mail as signed and authentic, but the 'factoryfouroh' zone is not using DKIM signatures - so the servers decided to send the e-mail to the spam folder. Once we redesign we make sure DKIM is installed and used by the email services.

All participants and sponsors are required to use our e-mail service at We maintain our own e-mail servers so Factory 4.0 Open Initiative members (the "LLC", "sponsors" and "participants") must NOT submit to any third-party Terms of Use and to other Legal Constructs.

Infrastructure Certificate of Functionality and Security

Factory 4.0 Assigned UUID: a72b4100-7af3-427d-a3e5-8afcf4e10b44
This page is the Certificate of Guarantee, which never expires and may be verified at any time. Visit the industry experts on the internet as listed above, to verify that Factory 4.0 Open Initiative, LLC is maintaining a fully functioning and sufficiently secured service infrastructure.

Last updated: July 20, 2019 Chicago and Vicinity Area